TEC MA1050 MA1060 MA1100 MA1190 Ruban Noir/Ribbon Black Twin Spool Compatible (2 Pack)

$15.00 Can $


Black Nylon Ribbon
Package of Two
No Reversing Eyelet
Twin Spool

This ribbon works with the TEC DPR600, DPR930, DRS-102, DRS-103, DRS-105, DRS-106, DRS-107 Slip Printers, FDS-    200GCP, FF200, FT40, M700, M800, M2200, M2300, M2310, M2400, M2500, M2600, MA500, MA700, MA800, MA1030, MA1050, MA1060, MA1100, MA1190, MA2200, MA2300, MA2400, MA2600 and Dresser Wayne Decade DK1000 and Decade DK2100 printers.

Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm